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 My Best Income Tools - Your Online Biz Tutorial

From: Martin Bigler 

Subject: How To Avoid Failure And Massively Increase Your Revenue By Following My Best Advice To Build Your Online Business Fast And Profitably.

Are you aware that 95 % of the people starting an Internet Online Business do not make any profit and end up spending a high amount of money just hopping form one promising money making opportunity to the other?

Are you one of them? 

Have you too spent a lot of your hard earned cash, and it did not work?
Are you on the brink of quitting, never building your so wanted online business?
What about your dreams of quitting your rat race job, your promises to fulfill all dreams?

Well, be not ashamed! 

I made all the same mistakes for over 5 years and, looking back, it even seemed to me that  I did not learn anything during this time. YES, I meant to have a business, but I was actually following the herd, buying programs, tutorials and any products, beleiving that they would solve my desire to earn an online income which would pay my bills.

I thought I was actually workin on building my digital Internet Marketing Buisiness, but It was more wishful playing and by clicking Icons on Trafic Exchanges for hours, I meant to generate enough traffic to my plain afiliate links, just rotating them without too much effort...

Did I get any further? Did I get the desired Income?

NOPE! I Failed! The Real Truth is...

I wasted hours and hours but was getting nowhere and I suffered from mail and content overload, ending up in a circle of hopelessness, frustration and even hate. Why could others become successful and wealthy with just some clicks and me not?

Does this sound familiar?

Once I realised my big online mistakes, I wanted to help other Online Marketers and Newbies to avoid this expensive and time consuming learning curve. It was the start of my brainstorming to write this Ebook...

My Best Income Tools

 Your Source Of My Best Knowledge

..and it should become a Treasure Case full of useful and proven facts, a Step-by-Step Tutorial with all the essential Information and Tools which are so important to keep on track and become
a successful online marketer the fastest way possible.  

...a Compendium of Working Tools and a Guide on which Mistakes to avoid. Finally, it's a useful Working Handbook which will accompany you till success and on which you can fall back for any specific tools or questions you might have on your online journy.

Why not avoid all the Newbie Struggles and Mistakes?
Why not Save the Learning Time and Get Cash Fast?
Why not take the Short Cut to Success Right Now?
Secure your own Copy of this Unique Ebook!

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Are you still looking for more advice and proof?

Then please read on...

Check Out What I Cover In  
"My Best Income Tools"

You will get A REAL and Comprehensive MANUAL of over 100 Pages, listing and explaining all the Tools You Need To Get Into Online Profit Soonest Possible...

See more details:

  • What you need to get started
  • How to make your plan (you can use my 1-5 year template...)
  • Ways to avoid Distraction and Information Overload
  • How to Start without a Product and a Website
  • Build your Affiliate Business
  • How to search for a Pulling Affiliate Program
  • SEO Ranking Tips and a SEO Checklist

That's only the beginning!
There is much more...

  • Over 200 FREE TOOLS, ready to use and apply (in EXCEL format!)
  • Setting up an automated and income spilling online business
  • Your very own 30 Video Step-By-Step Home Study Course with everything explained in easy English language on how to start and build your Online Business fast and profitable (a $ 67 Value, Yours FREE!)
  • How to create free traffic using Blogs and Forums
  • A step-by-step free eBook on how to create your own website easy and fast, all with free tools...
  • How to create successful and traffic pulling Product Review Sites
  • How to set up your Blog and tips for safe, easy blogging

Now you are already in profit! 
How to refine...

  • Posting on Forums made easy. Just use my List of the best and most active forums, make posts, get advice, connect with great and successful people all over the world...
  • Article writing is best for traffic. How to do it the easy way by auto submitting to hundreds of directories
  • Press Releases and Ezine Advertising
  • Link building tactics, banner creation and promotion
  • How to use Traffic Exchanges the right way
  • Become active on Social Network and Bookmarking Sites

And Finally:

  • The 6 most important Essentials
  • How to build your List fast, successful and for best profit
  • Your free copy of "How to Wirte Killer Sales Letters"
  • Videos, Audios, Tutorials and Membership Sites
  • Refine Your Sales Funnel
  • Create your own Information Products
  • Mentoring and how to find JV Partners for your own products
  • I offer you hundreds of carefully selected and checked Links to useful tools, software and products, many of them are free...
  • Free eBooks, Reports and Templates to make it easy to follow your business plan.

Get A Glimpse Of All This By Ordering Your 
Free Sneak Peak Report Right Now!

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To Summarize UP All The Value Of This Highly Compressed Learning Guide, You Get:

A Plan to Get Started and How to Set Up Your Organisation. Your Goals are Your Success!

How to Start without a Product and a Website, Useful Templates, Organization and Tools List.

Your Free Video Home Study Course and How to Profit Best from Your Videos.

Criteria to Join Affiliate Programs and How to Search for Pulling Affiliate Products.

SEO Checklist, Free Tools and How to use Blogs and Forums successfully.

How to Set Up your Virtual Real Estate (VRE), Reviews, PLR, Ezines and more...

Email Marketing, List Building, Social Networking, Ezine Ads and Coop, Your Marketing Strategy.

Article Writing, Solo Ads, Press Releases, How to tackle Mass Submissions, Videos & Audios.

How to Write Your Sales Copy, Help from Free Tools, Membership Sites, How to Make Your Product Viral.

Essentials, Tutorials, Mentoring, Your Sales Funnel,Traffic Generation, Lots of Traffic, JV Partners, Auction Sites and much, much more...

This is just a little summary of the index page. For more Details check out the FREE Report above...

And there is still more...

 These Are The FREE Tools You Get With

"My Best Income Tools" 

Order Your Copy Today and 
Claim these Fast Action Bonuses Below:


Fast Action Bonus #1 The 30 Video Home Study Course

Video 1: Overview of the system
Video 2: Select your niche and keyword research
Video 3: Setup your Clickbank affiliate account

Video 4: Research for effective article writing
Video 5: Setup your Clickbank affiliate link
Video 6: Setup Cloaked Links

Video 7: Setup Free Website
Video 8: Setup Free Website (Continued)
Video 9: Effective Social Bookmarking

Video 10: More Social Bookmarking Websites
Video 11: Blog and Ping Marketing
Video 12: Article Marketing - Submitting Articles

Video 13: Article Marketing - Submitting Articles (Continued)
Video 14: Setting Up a Squidoo Lens
Video 15: Setting Up a HubPages Page

Video 16: Writing an Effective Press Release
Video 17: Writing an Effective Press Release (Continued)
Video 18: Best Places and Methods to Submit Press Releases

Video 19: Create Video - Find Free Royalty Free Pictures
Video 20: Create Video - Editing Pictures with Free Software
Video 21: Create Video - Record Audio with Free Software

Video 22: Final Steps in Creating Video
Video 23: Submitting Video Online
Video 24: More Places to Submit Your Online video

Video 25: Blog Post Marketing
Video 26: New Ideas for Implementing This Campaign
Video 27-30: Your Surprise Bonus Videos...

This comprehensive home study course of total 26 Videos with more than 5 Hours of quality content shows you exactly how to get started with your Affiliate Marketing Business quickly.

It's also ideal for experienced marketers which want to improve and perfect their knowledge.

Very important:  There is no advertising in the videos at all!

Plus 4 other exclusive Bonus Niche Research Videos

All yours for Free!


Fast Action Bonus #2

Take The FREE IM Crash Course
($27 Value)


Get Your Free IM Crash Course!

I'm exposing my best kept Internet marketing secrets for the first time in this new 62 page "IM Crash Course" report valued at $27. You get your copy 100% FREE when you act today!

  • The three things every successful online business have in common
  • What people REALLY want online and how to rake in a fortune by giving it to them
  • How to establish credibility online from day one
  • Free website traffic secrets that work every time
  • How to succeed at email marketing (learn from my mistakes)
  • And much much more!!

Fast Action Bonus #3

THow To Write 
Your Own Killer Sales Letter

Yours free - The 75 pages eBook

($47 Value)

How To Write Killer Sales Letters 2nd Edition

Here is a small part of what you'll learn in detail...

This eBook is all about how you can write your own sales letter that converts a minimum of 2-4%. Get an idea what’s inside this step-by-step guide: 

  • How to format your sales letter like a champion
  • The 5 types of headlines you should be aware of  
  • How you can use them in your favour
  • How you can address your prospect 
  • And how to qualify them to read your sales letter
  • How to tell the difference between features and benefits
  • How to collect powerful testimonials and endorsements
  • How to persuade your customers to buy from you 
  • How to close the sale!
  • 12 *Hot* buttons to press!


And what does this all cost?

Well, if I would charge for all the tools, it's a market value of at least $ 857, plus the bonuses and unadvertised mystery gifts even a value of $ 1,950...

My Ebook, the Free Resources and all the bonuses are a treasure of ideas and sources helping you to put your dreams to life and getting your successful and profitable online business on the fast track. If you want to get out of the daily rat race and change your lifestyle, you only need to take action- Do it NOW!

My Best Income Tools - Your Online Knowledge Base Ebook 

Start Your Profitable Online Biz And...

Download My Best Income Tools Now!

And there are At least 5 Unannounced Bonuses, all defined to help you get started with your Internet Marketing Business the fastest way possible. Be surprised, the actual market value of these Bonuses is over $ 1'950 or even more. It just depends what you are willing to do with it to get into profit fast!

Just a hint what you will get as Mystery Gifts...

       # 1 – My Special Recommendation on highly effective
                Traffic Tools and Templates.

       # 2 – Another FREE Traffic Generating Video Course

       # 3 – A Free Lifetime Gold Membership to one of the best
                Affiliate Programs that generates recurring and high

       # 4My personal Gift Code to a Free Paid List Building
                Membership and Guidelines.

       # 5 – Your Free Money Making Clickbank Shopping Mall

Also, there will be an additional FREE BONUS with ready to sell first class and in demand products where you simply can put your name and PayPal Button on it and get 100 % of the profit.

Further, you get all the tools I use myself to keep my business information tidy and complete.


These are the 4 Pre-Made Excel Sheets you can directly download and start filling them up with your own information:

       Excel # 1 – Template 5-Year Plan
       Excel # 2 – Template List for all your URLs and
       Excel # 3List of much over 250 Free Tools
       Excel # 4 – List of Brainstorming Ideas

       Click here for Screen Shots...


What do you want more?

Take action NOW, start working on your bright future and become financially free, start realising profits in lesss than 7 days from now...
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So, please grab your Copy and...

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This is your Full Refund 60 Days 
Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, I'm so confident...

...that this Ebook and the Tools discussed will be a great Source of Knowlege to help building your Online Business quickly and getting unstoppable Traffic and Sales to your Websites that I'm making this generous 60 day Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee for you right now.
If My Best Income Tools does not satisfy you in any way, simply email me within 60 days for a complete refund, and you can even keep the full content just
for taking it for a test drive.

My Best Income Tools - Your Online Business Tutorial

I wish you best success!

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 I really learned it the hard way, spent too much money on useless products and lost any amount of time. Why should you make the same mistakes again? I have laid you the path to success, step-by-step, you only need to take action now! P.P.S. Take the right decision now for your financial freedom. Most of the tools you need to get started are free. So why wait any longer?  Your first online earnings will easily cover the small investment for this Ebook and some paid programs you really need for success...


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