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  Finding a Bodybuilding Routine That Makes a Difference  
When you're bodybuilding, you are going to be very eager for results. You've dreamed about having this perfect body for so long and now you want it to happen and are willing to try almost any routine to make it happen. The question is which routine will make the fastest difference?

Keep Your Body Guessing

This answer may come as a surprise but the most effective bodybuilding routine is going to be one that you haven't used before. You need to keep your body off kilter and guessing. If you speak with many bodybuilders about their success and progress, they'll probably all tell you the same thing. They'll say that when they first began bodybuilding, they had some good results, particularly the first 6 to 8 months. However, after that they seemed to come to a standstill. The reason for the standstill and slowdown of progress is that their body had become bored and unchallenged.

When you first start bodybuilding, your body becomes sore after the first few workouts because it's not used to it and is learning ways to cope with the new stress. The way it gets used to the stress is by growing and developing the muscles and providing your nervous system with a challenge.

However when your system has adapted to the change, fewer fibers in your body are activated each time you do a workout so you're seeing less change. Your body really doesn't like change and is not going to volunteer for anything. In fact, your body will fight change for as long as it can.

Give Your Body Variety

It's up to you to get your body out of this state of homeostasis it's more than happy to stay in and the best way is by giving it a variety of workouts. Keep it guessing, which will let it know that it has no choice but to respond to the change and get the muscles busy building. You'll find that this need for variety is even more important as you advance further into your bodybuilding.

You can choose the type of variety you want to add to your bodybuilding routine. Many bodybuilders have found that alternating high volume periods like high reps, high sets with little rest in between with lower volume periods of lower reps and lower sets with longer rest between sets was very effective.

Switching the actual bodybuilding exercises you've been doing is another way of providing your body with variation. If you were using barbell incline bench press last week, consider switching it to some variation that includes dumbbells this week. Once you begin mixing it up a little and each time giving your body new challenges, you'll once again begin seeing results. However, make sure your body is getting the proper nutrition before, during and after your workouts.

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