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  Keys to a Successful Bodybuilding Session  
Bodybuilding takes place in many sizes, shapes and forms so to speak. The type of bodybuilding technique you use will depend a lot on the part of your body you're focusing on the most. While some bodybuilders focus on just one or two parts of their body, others will work on the entire body.

The intensity of your workout is very important for your success. In fact, many professional trainers believe it's every bit as important as the exercises you're doing. Here are a few tips on how to make your workouts count the most.

Make your workouts short. A workout that lasts an hour is perfect, although it can vary from 45 to 75 minutes. Your body produces certain fat burning and muscle building hormones, which help with your bodybuilding. However, after 75 minutes the levels of these hormones begin to drop, which will not only not help you anymore, but also can actually slow down your process. More is not always better, especially with bodybuilding.

Take short breaks in between each different set. A minute and a half is the longest your rest should be so you can still meet your goals while not going longer than 75 minutes. Research shows that this type of training will not only stimulate your hormone growth but will also do wonders for your cardiovascular system.

Each exercise set should consist of 8 to 15 repetitions for the best increase in muscle mass. By keeping the repetitions in this range, you're getting the best blood flow to your muscle cells. Along with blood flow, you are also providing your muscles mass with needed nutrients.  Studies have shown that the most productive fat burning and muscle building occurs at this range of repetitions.

Stay with weights you can control. Another bonus of doing this many repetitions is that logic says if you're doing this many, you're using a weight that you can comfortably control. Too many people make the mistake of starting with weights they cannot control, believing they'll develop muscle mass much quicker. They just become sore and tired quicker!

Add variety to your sessions. Every bodybuilder has a favorite exercise and wants to do that all the time. However, the best way to continually grow your muscles is with variety. You'll also find you're more motivated and enthusiastic when you're trying a new variety of bodybuilding exercise. As you get more familiar and experienced with your bodybuilding routine, you'll find that you'll want to get into more repetitions and more different sessions, while still keeping each one within the required 75 minute period.

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