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  The Best Body Building Supplement: Natural Protein  
Discussion of body building supplements always creates a lot of controversy. Of course, some are illegal, some are ineffective and some are downright dangerous. The one body building supplement that you can’t go wrong with is natural protein. Not only is protein

There is one particular body building supplement that after time and time again has been proven to be one of the best supplements any body builder could use. This particular body building supplement, that can also be found naturally, is protein.

The muscle needs the protein in order to grow. When a body builder or any person getting fit lifts weights, the intake of protein then has a stimulating effect on the muscle tissue and acts as the best muscle enhancement supplement that the body could offer. In terms of saving muscle, if one does an massive amount of cardio (either high intensity or low intensity for an extended period of time) the body will burn all its carb stores and then will start burning muscle.

Then when you body starts to use up its carbs that are stored it will not automatically just burn fat, it will also start to burn muscle. The protein body building supplement will then help the body replace any muscle burned away from an intensive workout.

Protein can be found naturally in chicken and other meat sources, but the worry is that a massive amount of protein would have to be digested to be helpful, therefore a body builder would have to eat much meat. A protein body building supplement could help with the natural in take of protein.

Becareful when using the protein shakes that are loaded with sugar. Sugar will make you fat quickly, so stick with the low sugar content protein body building supplements. Usually, the high sugar protein powders are the flavors that are too good to be true such as “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” or “Blueberry Cheesecake.” Avoid this and stick with something more realistic like banana flavored or vanilla flavored, as less sugar will be in these particular flavors. There is also unflavored protein shake powder as well.. Whatever supplement you decide to choose, remember to choose your supplement carefully.

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