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  Trap the Snow Angels to Gain Muscle Fast  
If you want to gain muscle fast then you have to do a few simple things first; eat right, exercise hard and have total commitment to your goals. You may already be training hard and you may be started to get bored. The problem here is that if you become bored with the same routine over and over again; you will stop working out with the same fervor as you did before.
Think about it; the best way to change your life and get the results is to change up your routine as often as you can; keeping the same intensity and gradually heavier weights; you will have the body you dreamed of in no time at all!
Letís look at some exercise that will help you gain muscle mass fast.

Exercise One

Exercise one is a chest workout; it is called around the world and can also be known as Snow angels. It is because of the circular motion during the exercise that it gets its name around the world.

The muscles worked when doing this exercise are the chest mainly and then as secondary muscles the shoulders are also worked out during this exercise. To do this exercise effectively you will need a flat bench and some good dumbbells.
Hold the dumbbells and make sure youíre laid flat on the bench. Then you need to rest the set of dumbbells on your thighs, your elbows should always be slightly bent at this point. Then move the dumbbells in an arch procedure to behind your head; this should be done till the bells are touching. Reverse the action by putting them back to your thighs; repeat as many times as necessary.

Exercise Two

Another exercise to help you gain muscle mass fast is the Trap workout using the low lying cable pulley rows. The pulley cable will effectively keep your back straight ensuring proper technique of this exercise.  The cable provides the resistance and the pressure needed to give you a great workout to gain muscle mass fast.

The muscles that are worked are just the biceps; this is classed an isolation exercise. To do this exercise properly you will need a high pulley, a flat bench and also a straight bar attachment for the pulley.

Make sure you attach the bar to the high pulley machine and then have the bench in front of the weights in the stack and then you can sit facing the weights. Have your palms facing your body when gripping the straight bar and lay completely flat on the bench you have. Extend your arms totally. Then you can start to curl the bar; do this until your forearms are actually touching the biceps and then count and squeeze as hard as you can. Keep returning the bar after each rep and start again as many times as required.

So following these exercises and changing them every now and again to new and exciting exercises you will ensure that your routine never becomes just thatÖ You have to keep things different within a body building routine; it is so intense that it wonít take long before youíre getting bored with the routine you have chosen. Remember as well that to gain muscle mass fast; you have to dedicated and incredibly focused to achieving your goals. You will get there however; with a little determination and guts. You will have that perfect toned and chiseled body before you know it. So change it often and keep it fresh; your routine needs to be changed all the time; donít become bored and then quit - focus!

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