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This Privacy Policy describesthe terms of our commitment to your privacy.

PERSONS ORPARTIES COVERED This Privacy Policyis intended to cover all visitors to this website, all subscribers tolists or newsletters whether paid or unpaid, all members or affiliateswhether paid or unpaid, and all customers. Persons who visitor view this website, whether intentionally or unintentionally, whethersolicited or unsolicited, are described herein as "Visitors" and areparties to this Privacy Policy. Subscribers to lists orNewsletters are referred to herein as "Subscribers" and are parties tothe Privacy Policy. Persons who join an organization ormarketing endeavor (e.g. "affiliates") promoted by this website arecalled "Members" herein and are covered by this PrivacyPolicy. Finally, anyone who orders, attempts to order, orreceives a product sold (recipients) or advertised on or delivered fromthis website, even at no cost, is called a "Customer" herein and issubject to this Privacy Policy not only by passive acceptance, but byvirtue of the Purchase Agreement contract. The website, itsagents, owners, operators, and employees are referred to collectivelyherein as "Website," "Site," and/or "Seller".


In the event that a personexcluded from this website because of the Terms of Use or from denialof service by the website, who nonetheless unlawfully views this site,that person remains subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and isin violation of the Terms of Use.


This website is notlawfully accessible to persons under the age of 18 or who are otherwisecovered by the provisions of the Child Online Privacy Act of 1998(COPA). If you are under the age of 18 you must leave thissite immediately. Fraudulent use of this website may make yousubject to civil or criminal sanctions.


Acceptance of the terms of thisPrivacy Policy is a portion of the consideration required for yourright to visit the website. If you do not accept these terms,you have no right to visit this site and you are fraudulently usingthis site.


It is the intent of the PrivacyPolicy to comply with the California Act. Various provisionsthroughout this Privacy Policy address requirements of theact. In summary, you must presume that we collect electronicinformation from all visitors. This is not usually personallyidentifiable. If you purchase a product or service via thiswebsite (and thereby become covered by the Act), the purchase agreementyou electronically sign prior to purchase allows the website to collectand archive all the personal information you provide and to transmitand/or transfer that personal information to third parties. There is no way you can modify this information and you have no rightto do so. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, you haveno right to view or receive any information about ourdatabase. In the event that the website, under advice ofcounsel agrees to divulge information, the requesting party must submitwhatever information is demanded by the website in insure that thewebsite is releasing information to the correct party. Otherprovisions of the OPPA may exempt this website fromcomplying. While we take measures to ensure that outsideparties do not have access to any information we have about you, we donot warranty that outside parties will not breach our system and thushave access to your information. (You should know thatmerchant service providers do not allow us access to your credit cardinformation.) This Privacy Policy also is subject to changewithout notice. You are required to read it prior to usingthe website. By interacting with the website you agree to theterms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. By using thewebsite or purchasing a product through this website, you waive theright to use state or federal court systems to address complaints and,instead, agree to use the American Arbitration Association located in acity and county specified herein.


This website routinely collectsinformation about its visitors, subscribers, members, andcustomers. This information is obtained in various ways, suchas:


Registration means that theVisitor, Subscriber, Member or Customer takes active, positive steps tocommunicate information to this website. This can includepages or 'pop ups' where you register for a newsletter or subscribe toa mailing list; it can include your participation in visitor surveys;it can include requesting information from the website via email, mail,or courier; it may be from joining an affiliate program or othermembership organization, paid or unpaid; it may be from ordering aproduct.

Occasionally complete creditcard information may be provided to the website via fax or a fill-inform rather than regular secure merchant service processing. This information is kept at the highest level of security and is neverdivulged to anyone except the merchant service provider or for thepurpose of communication with the customer.


Online ordering via SSLencrypted communication provided by shopping cart services supportingmerchant service companies like Visa and Master Card providesinformation to the website but does not provide complete credit cardnumbers. In the process of online ordering, the customerprovides, name, address, city, state, email address, phone number, CVV2(back of card) number, and, occasionally a member password. You should consider all this information available to thewebsite. This information is used to deliver the product, butunder the Purchase Agreement you also approve its use for generalsolicitation purposes.


Website visitors who wish tocommunicate with the website do so under two conditions: one,they give their permission for contact by the website; two, they aresubject to any ‘submission’ provisions of the Termsof Use, Purchase Agreement, or this Privacy Policy. Whileyour email address may or may not be used to solicit you, it is addedto the website's general solicitation database.


If you are a customer and sendan email to the website, or if you communicate with the site by phoneor mail, the website collects information about your communication andby communicating with the site you give your permission to collect,archive, retrieve, and otherwise use any information collected as thesite sees fit.

Any communication which, in itssole discretion, the site deems to be a testimonial, may be publicizedfor commercial purposes.


Visitors clicking on banners orpop-ups or hyperlinked advertising, appearing on this website mustassume that information is being collected about them. Thissite is not responsible for the use of information collected in such afashion. Visitors must assume that (1) information will becollected, (2) that ‘cookies’ will usually beplaced on their hard drive, (3) that website does not have any controlover what happens with this information, (4) that website takes noresponsibility over the accuracy or content of advertisers, (5) thatwebsite is not responsible for downloads from third party advertisersthat contain viruses or worms or other computer code that causes theircomputer or software harm, and (6) that website assumes noresponsibility for the data that is garnered from the click itself orthat the advertiser collects.


If you send a friend an emailfrom this site or if you send the url or one of our web pages to afriend, you must assume that some data is collected about your IPaddress or your email address and that of your friend. Youmust assume that referred emails or web pages may appear to come fromyour email. You must accept fully responsibility forreferring pages or email to a friend and agree to indemnify this sitefor any damage, intentional or unintentional that results from saidreferrals.


Unless otherwise specified inthe survey, you must assume that any information provided to thewebsite as part of a survey in which you participate may be used forgeneral solicitation for commercial purposes and that such informationwill be shared with joint venture partners, affiliates, marketingorganization or used by the site itself for product design orsolicitation purposes.


Many websites, including thisone, collect information about your computer, your email address, yourIP address. You must assume that your web-viewing or web-useactivity is monitored, tracked, and information collected. This information is not usually of a personal nature, but it may helpdefine your viewing habits and product preferences even though thewebsite may or may not have any idea who you are.

"Cookies" is web jargon forbits of computer code placed on your hard drive. Websites usethis to keep you 'logged in', to keep track of search criteria, tomonitor use, to password protect use of the site or use of productssold by the site. Cookies can also be used to obtaininformation about your computer configuration or your use of yourcomputer.

Cookies can be used toelectronically gather information about you. Again, it may ormay not be personal information, but it is information and by usingthis site you are expressly giving permission to use 'cookies' and touse the information gathered from their use to benefit you. You also give permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and use anyinformation collected for product design, product offers to you, andgeneral commercial solicitation purposes by this site or joint venturepartners, affiliates, and marketing organizations.


The use of information asdescribed below may or may not be how information that is collected iscustomarily used by this site. While actual use of anyinformation collected may be used quite conservatively, you must assumethat it is not. You must assume that information collected isshared with other persons or entities for commercialpurposes. While this may or may not occur, you must assumethat it is as you make your decision whether or not to view or interactwith this website. This type of shared information mayinclude your name, address, phone number, email address and buyinghabits, as well as other information. This information may beused for general commercial solicitation by this website or otherpersons it is sold to, rented to, or shared with.


Credit card information orother financial information is not usually known to thewebsite. However, in the event that it is made known, thatinformation is never revealed to anyone except to processingauthorities or law enforcement agencies. However, theprovider of such information gives express permission to use it infraud investigation or for litigation.


Visitors, subscribers, members,or customers who use any site provided bulletin boards or other publicforums, such as chat rooms, do so at their own risk. You maynot assume that the site monitors these services or protects you in anymanner from information you post publicly or share with anyone else viathese services.


By providing to this websiteinformation that forms the basis of communication with you, such as anemail address, you waive all rights to file complaints concerningunsolicited email or spam from this website since, by providing suchinformation, you agree to receive communication from us or othermarketing organizations. However, all email communicationwith you shall contain an 'unsubscribe' link where you may notify thewebsite that you no longer wish to receive solicitations or informationfrom the website and your name will be removed from the generalsolicitation database.


This website takes measures toprotect its data that contains information related to you. However, as a consideration for viewing this site or interacting withthis site in any manner, you waive all claims of any nature againstthis site concerning the loss, alteration, or misuse ofinformation. You must assume that it is possible for yourpersonal data to be obtained by others, such as "hackers," and used inan inappropriate manner that may cause you harm and that you agree thatthe site is not responsible for damages to you.


This Privacy Policy isdynamic. It will continually change. You may notassume that it remains the same and you agree to check the policy eachtime you visit the site for changes. Unless, in the soleopinion of the website, this policy changes so drastically as tosuggest a posted notification on the site or via email, you willreceive no notification of changes to this Privacy Policy nor, underany circumstances, does this site promise notification. Yourcontinued use of this site always evidences your acceptance of theterms this Privacy Policy or any modifications.


As part of the considerationthat the Website requires of the Visitor to view, use, or interact withthis site, Visitor agrees to use binding arbitration for any claim,dispute, or controversy ("CLAIM") of any kind (whether in contract,tort or otherwise) arising out of or relating to this purchase, thisproduct, including solicitation issues, privacy issues, and terms ofuse issues.

Arbitration shall be conductedpursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association, whichare in effect on the date a dispute is submitted to the AmericanArbitration Association. Information about the AmericanArbitration Association, its rules, and its forms are available fromthe American Arbitration Association, 335 Madison Avenue, Floor 10, NewYork, New York, 10017-4605. Hearing will take place in thecity or county of the Seller.

In no case shall the Visitorhave the right to go to court or have a jury trial. Visitorwill not have the right to engage in pre-trial discovery except asprovided in the rules; you will not have the right to participate as arepresentative or member of any class of claimants pertaining to anyclaim subject to arbitration; the arbitrator's decision will final andbinding with limited rights of appeal.

The prevailing party shall bereimbursed by the other party for any and all costs associated with thedispute arbitration, including attorney fees, collection fees,investigation fees, travel expenses.


If any matter concerning thispurchase shall be brought before a court of law, pre- orpost-arbitration, Visitor agrees to that the sole and properjurisdiction to be the state and city declared in the contactinformation of the web owner unless otherwise here specified. In theevent that litigation is in a federal court, the proper court shall bethe closest federal court to the Seller's address.


Visitor agrees that theapplicable law to be applied shall, in all cases, be that of the stateof the Website owner(s).




Disclaimer- ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delawarecorporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. inany way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as tothe correctness of any of the statements made by in the materials on this Web page. site and the productsand services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated,endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed, testedor certified by Google.

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